Noble beef excelence

La Broche Royale. France selective flavor

Let yourself be seduced by the exclusive French Blonde, La Broche Royale, and allow this special Blonde to surprise your wedding, corporate or party’ guests! She is the luxury bijou Blonde d'Aquitaine beef breed and the absolute French cuisine jewel as the most aristocratic meat cooked à la broche. La Broche Royale is the supreme selection of unique gourmet sensations as well as a visual hot experience, being prepared on the most grandiose charcoal grill ever created, straight under your guests’ eyes. She is a testament to exclusivity because she has a radically different look and savour that lasts forever. La Broche Royale is an extravagant culinary French adventure!

The Alchemist

La Broche Royale is sublime prepared à la broche/on the spit by our chef. He firstly inherited the art of loving and growing La Broche Royale beef with raw materials, Mozart music, endearment and massage. He afterwards inherited the secret recipes of the old high class courts meals served at the end of the aristocratic French hunts, metaphysical adapting them to modern times and forwarding them to a single hand of disciples. He also preserves this exceptional raw and exclusivist material of La Broche Royale meat grace to a sumptuous grill especially designed for her. With our chef La Broche Royale mouthwatering effect will not leave you indifferent!

A Blonde of Luxury. The proof

To make your Broche Royale experience unforgettable, you can order a certain Blonde weeks before your event from one of the 2000 cattle and calves of La Broche Royale farms. A personalized video will present you the luxury conditions she is being fed under, step by step, such as Mozart or SPA moments, or the special preparing conditions before and after being put on the spit. Furthermore, we will show you the way its skin is transformed into a living room carpet. Choose this Blonde and feel the purity of life with every story of it!

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